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    Recommended way to restart several servers in a group?

    Stian Lund Expert



      I would like to hear if someone have any recommendations on how to approach this specific problem.


      Say for instance, I have a group of 8 Tomcat instances in a compatible group. I can run operations on this whole group at once. But for instance, sometimes I want to restart only four of these servers.


      Either I have to run the operation on each server (which is a *lot* of clicks), or I have to do a "kinda tricky" workaround like this:


      Choose execute "in the order specified below", then set the servers I want to restart first in order, and while the first servers are restarting, remove the others from the list. This requires quite a bit of timing


      Basically what is missing is an option to remove a Member Resource from the Execute list when you do an operation on a group.


      Any recommendations or anyone else have encountered this specific need?