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    Unexepected RadarGun Result Infini Repl Vs. Infini Dist

    craig bomba Novice



      I created a Radargun head-to-head using Infinsipan 5.1.8Final against the same version with the following configs:

      - Async Replication (asyncmarshalling false)

      - Async Replication (asyncmarshalling true) plus replicationqueue

      - Sync Distribution with L1

      - Async Distribiton with L1


      This was a ramped up test from 2 nodes to 10....all were performed on a single 24 core machine.


      Write performance was more inline with what I was anticipating.  However, read performance was not at all as I expected.  Ahead of the test I was thinking any Distribution (even with L1) at best might come close to Replication -- after all, in Replication all cache entries are local.  But the test showed a rather significant winner by a 3 fold margin by the Async Distribtution config.


      Can one of the Infinsipan wizards please give me some insight why a Distribution mode config (even with the L1) would handily beat a Replication mode config on reads?


      Thank you