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    Running JBoss AS7 management console on port 21

    Rasmus Moustgaard Newbie

      I need to run the Management Console on port 21 because this is the only open port on the server apart from 80 and 443 (I have no control over the firewall). The configuration is simply to add this Java option to standalone.conf.bat:



      You also need to set up your browser to allow the port, e.g. in Chrome you need to add the following command line parameter:  --explicitly-allowed-ports=21

      Or in Firefox, add a key 'network.security.ports.banned.override' with the value 21.


      With that in place the Management Console works fine, except for the Manage Deployments part. For instance if I want to update a deployment I click Replace, choose the file to upload and click Next. And then nothing happens... In the console in Chrome you see something like this:

      POST http://mydomain.org:21/management/add-content  :21/management/add-content:1

      1. Blocked a frame with origin "http://mydomain.org:21" from accessing a frame with origin "null". The frame requesting access has a protocol of "http", the frame being accessed has a protocol of "data". Protocols must match.  DEB299707BA65B907600008C7B396326.cache.html:306
      2. 2013-06-18 12:06:45,691 [ERROR] Failed to decode response: null Class$S960


      In Firefox it just hangs on the page saying "Please wait. Your request is being processed ..." but there are no errors in the console.


      If I log onto the server and do the same from a local browser it works, but I guess one of the idea of the console is to be able to manage the server remotely?


      Any advice?