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    JBoss 7 deployment scanner not finding deployment

    Kalyan Kantam Newbie

      I am posting this issue in relation to my other post



      I am facing this issue only on a linux box. I do not see it on my OS X laptop and on a remote OS X server.


      Also, i face this only  with JBoss 7.1.1 Final and not on JBoss 7.2.0 Final(which wasnt released yet, so useless for me)



      After I install jboss, copy my deployment(exploded EAR file) and create the .dodeploy file, and start up the server for the very first time the application deploys just fine.


      However, after i shutdown the server it starts behaving erratic.


      it never picks the deployment from theronwards within the time interval specified i.e. 5sec although i create the .dodeploy file.

      it sometimes would wait a good 20-30 min before starting the deployment.


      Often, i had to reinstall JBoss to avoid such a delay. even after re install it would work right the 1st time only. From the 2nd time onwards the same issue repeats.


      I have also tried setting scan-interval="-1" hoping that it would pick the deployment on start up but that doesnt happen either.






      Here is my deployment scanner config(same as default):


              <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:deployment-scanner:1.1">

                  <deployment-scanner path="deployments" relative-to="jboss.server.base.dir" scan-interval="5000" auto-deploy-zipped="true" auto-deploy-exploded="false"/>