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    Images, Charts not loading while generating birt report in JBPM Console

    Prathap V S Newbie


           I am facing an issue while generating birt report in jbpm console. I am using sample overall_activity.rptdesign report file which comes along with jbpm installer.

      We are using JBPM 5.4 version and Birt 3.7.1.


      Issue is report fails to load images or chart present in report. But the data will gets displayed in table which is collected from database.


      When i saw the url in firebug which loads images, it shows as failed to load this url.


      For loading report request is:



      But For loading logo or chart image present in report the request is:



      Please let me know how report loads these images in JBPM console or which code i need to debug to understand how birt reporting works in JBPM.