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    RF 4.3.4 Final - File Upload Progress Not Working

    Javier Gonzales Newbie



      I've noticed that the progress bar for the file upload component does not seem to be functioning in Chrome 31.0 and IE 11. I initially though that perhaps there was an issue with our code but it doesn't seem to work in the showcase either, no progress is shown for the file. I've tried this with both small and large files with the same result. Is anyone aware of the cause for this issue?


      On another note, as a workaround for this issue I was considering displaying the status of the upload such as the bytes and time remaining as described in the RF 3.3 documentation with the use of a "label" facet but this was not working. Does this no longer work in the latest version of RF? If not, Is there another way to show this kind of information?