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    Multiple Table Mapping Supported in CMP 2.x?

    Jamie Clark Newbie

      Does JBoss CMP 2.x support multiple table mapping?

      I am porting a JBoss 2.4.7 BMP App to JBoss 3.2.1 CMP.

      BMP EntityBean A is abstract and stores data in table a.
      BMP EntityBean B extends A, and stores data in table b.

      I am trying to implement this using CMP 2.x with as little modification as possible to the current design (for time sake only), and would like to use something I saw in an O'Reilly article EJB Inheritance, Part 1 (Section 7 - Table Mapping) (http://www.onjava.com/lpt/a/2589).

      I can not find anywhere in JBoss docs, or dtd's if this is supported or how one would go about doing this. Apparently WebLogic Server 7 supports Mapping a CMP EntityBean to multiple Tables, and I was under the (misguided?) impression this was part of the basic idea of CMP.

      Do I have to redesign to use relationships? Suggestions anyone?