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    Should I be able to use org.w3c.dom.Document to consume/produce xml?



        Based on what I read about Resteasy, I assumed that I should be able to use org.w3c.dom.Document if I need to create a JAX-RS service which consumes/produce XML (use Document as type for method parameter and as type for method return value).  However when I tried (using wildfly 8), I got


      Subresource for target class has no jax-rs annotations


      It seems that no matter how I try, the only way to consume/produce XML in JAX-RS service is by using XML annotated classes. I am sure that I am missing something simple and obvious, and would highly appreciate if some one can explain to me what it is I am missing. (I am able to create JSON based service without any issues, so I assume that I have more or less correct configuration/setup).