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    Problem in failover management

    Nicolas Nicolas Newbie

      Dear all,


      I use JBoss-eap servers in 6.2.1 version.

      I've got one "client-server", named serverA, which can call EJB from two servers (serverB and serverC).

      Servers serverB and serverC have the same EAR and expose the same EJB.

      All the servers are in standalone mode.


      If serverB shutdowns, serverA will only call EJB from serverC, it's normal. But, when serverB is restarted, serverA will continue to go only on serverC until serverC is stopped.


      In my DeploymentNodeSelector implementation, I detected than serverB is deleted from serverA eligibles nodes when it shutdowns but it will never be added as long as serverC runs.


      Any idea?

      Note : I can't use cluster mode for the moment, even if I assume that could help me...


      Thanks in advance.