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    Get resolved expression value in cli

    Daniel Nuss Newbie



      i just want to pass in an expression value for my different servers in domain mode for the messaging attribute "backup-group-name". I define it in one of my slave hosts like this:

      <server name="my-server" group="my-server-group" >
          <property name="jboss.messaging.hornetq.backupgroup" value="myvalue"/>


      and reference it in my domain.xml of my domain controller like this:




      I see that this value is set when my server starts:


      jboss.messaging.hornetq.backupgroup = myvalue


      Now i just wanted to evaluate whether the expression is correctly resolved in cli, but i can't get it right. For a start, i tried to use resolve it with the following command:



      but then i just get the following result:


          "outcome" => "success",
          "result" => undefined,
          "server-groups" => {
              "main-server-group" => {"host" => {"master" => {"server-one" => {"response" => {
                  "outcome" => "success",
                  "result" => "$"
              "my-server-group" => {"host" => {"my-host-controller" => {"my-server" => {"response" => {
                  "outcome" => "success",
                  "result" => "$"


      But the expression should be supported here, as far as i see from executing /profile=full-ha/subsystem=messaging/hornetq-server=default/:read-resource-description:


      "backup-group-name" => {
          "type" => STRING,
          "description" => "Der Name eines Satzes von live/backups, die miteinander replizieren sollten",
          "expressions-allowed" => true,
          "nillable" => true,
          "min-length" => 1L,
          "max-length" => 2147483647L,
          "access-type" => "read-write",
          "storage" => "configuration",
          "restart-required" => "all-services"



      So i just don't get it: how can i show the resolved value, or am i still doing sth. wrong? Isn't there a way to resolve the expression directly on my messaging node on the concrete server? (because when i try to get the values there, i just get the expression itself...)