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    Custom WorkItemHandler not found

    Giovanni Catalano Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I need to implement a JBPM process with a custom WorkItemHandler, I use JBPM 6.0.1.


      I perform the following steps:


      • I create a maven project with some JBPM dependecies ( drools-core and knowledge-api artifactId);
      • I create the ExampleHandler class that implements WorkItemHandler interface ( org.drools.runtime.process.WorkItemHandler );
      • I export ExampleHandler.jar file;
      • I put ExampleHandler.jar on {JBPM_INSTALL_FOLDER}\dependencies folder;
      • I append   "ExampleHandler" : new {MY_NAMESPACE}.ExampleHandler() on {JBPM_INSTALL_FOLDER}\conf\META-INF\CustomWorkItemHandlers.conf;
      • I run the following commands:
        • ant clean.demo
        • ant install.demo
        • ant start.demo
      • I create a new JBPM project with KIE Workbech ;
      • I modify the default work definition, I append the following text:



                         "name" : "ExampleHandler",

                         "displayName" : "ExampleHandler",

                         "icon" : "defaultlogicon.gif"


      • I create a "very simple" new BPMN process where my ExampleHandler connect start node with end node;

      When I create a new process instance, KIE Workbech return Could Not find handler from ExampleHandler error...


      I miss some step?

      Someone could help me?

      Thanks in advance,