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    admin console refresh?

    jason.marley Newbie

      On my last few engagements, I've found myself bound to using Teiid Designer in order to import data sources, create models and deploy vdbs. I know there exists an admin console for Teiid, but when I tried to use it I found that since I wasn't familiar with Groovy syntax that it was hard to use. Don't get me wrong, I think there is a place for Teiid Designer, when creating complicated models where visualization is needed, but otherwise I would think cli would be suffice. I find myself using postgres, mysql, hive and the like and appreciate the ease of relative ease use and am wondering if we should consider moving to a similar approach?

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          Steven Hawkins Master

          Something that we want over the Teiid 9 release cycle is the ability to more flexibly deal with the runtime metadata.  Part of this would be the ability to issue re-import, table add/drop, etc. dynamically.  Along with this you would want all parts of vdb construction represented by statements as well.  This work has not started yet.


          The Teiid openshift effort was working on a light-weight vdb construction approach, but I think since they have been promoting connecting Designer to the openshift instance.


          What kind of additional operations would be helpful in admin console, or do you find groovy to be an initial stumbling block?

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            jason.marley Newbie

            Hi Steven,


            I do find Groovy to be stumbling block, I mean it isn't difficult per say and I think if I had some extra cycles it would be easy to pick up, but feel like the api doesn't quite fit with most api's I use with linux/windows. I'm in administrative role quite often on my gigs and typically see service api's in the following form:


            e.g. service/command [-options]


            I can't really think of anything we do that wouldn't fit that framework.


            In addition to everything that goes into creating/editing deploying/testing a VDB I think we should be able to do from command line, regardless of rigor involved. If we could offer the same level tooling that is available if a user was using a mysql or postgres server, I think that would be awesome and add depth to our product.