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    Transition to winter time in JBOSS

    Dmitry Chuenkov Newbie

      Sorry for my english)

      In October in Russia in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation № 248-FZ "On the Calculation of Time" will be carried out the transition to winter time (hours will be set back one hour). The question is whether to take any action in JBOSS to switch to winter time?

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          Philippe Marschall Expert

          I am not familiar with time zones in Russia. In general this is not a JBoss AS issue but rather a Java and operating system issue. Newer versions of Java generally come with newer timezone databases. If your database is too old you can update it using the tzupdater tool from Oracle.


          You can find your currently installed rules like this (obviously you need to change your timezone id)


              ZoneRules rules = ZoneRulesProvider.getRules("Europe/Berlin", false);
              ZoneOffsetTransition transition = rules.nextTransition(Instant.now());
              System.out.printf("%s -> %s%n", transition.getDateTimeBefore(), transition.getDateTimeAfter());