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    Unrecognized xbean element mapping

    davinci25 Newbie

      We have progressed in our task since our last visit and now face another daunting one.


      While trying to create a custom BC-component we successfully build the component and the SU (service unit). Integrating the result into our ESB and building the SA for the whole ESB project (including our new BC) is also successfully.

      However? and here comes the question: when deploying the main-sa (not forgetting to add the new custom BC to the hotdeploy) we receive the following error output in the console:



      ERROR - AutoDeploymentService        

      - Failed to update Service Assembly: main-sa

      java.lang.Exception: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <jbi-task xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/jbi/management-message" version="1.0 ">











      <component-task-result xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/jbi/management-message"



      The following link provided some hints towards our problem:




      but our xbean is not filled with different assignements as we understand it.



      xbean file:




      It would seem the main-sa does not recognize the namespace above however I do not understand why. All the components lie in the hotdeploy folder and it is possible to investigate the BC jar file further which contains the following target:




      file contains:


      1. NOTE: this file is autogenerated by Apache XBean


      1. beans

      component = com.ourcompany.projectA.FactoryBCComponent


      Any hints or ideas are much appreciated. Thank you!


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          davinci25 Newbie

          We rebuilt the binding component from scratch and did not get the error this time. What we did wrong the first time still remains unresolved.

          If we find out we will post our solution here. In the meantime if you are facing the same issue all I can say to you is restart from the beginning with perhaps the hello world example at the servicemix website and try to get that up and running first.

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            davinci25 Newbie

            We suspect that the pom.xml for the custom bc component was containing an error in the namespace creation. How this effected the xbean in runtime is not well understood at the moment but it may be this which caused the error. Hopefully if you have the same problem this info might help you.


            Good luck with your ESB good folks!




            Error was likely here ->



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              davinci25 Newbie

              Turns out while using Eclipse autogenerated author comment, the xbean namespaces will be confused.


              For instance in your endpoint.java class you may have something looking like this at the top of your class:


              / **

              / * @org.apache.xbean.XBean element="connection"

              / * /

              / **

              /* @Author da25

              /* /


              This caused the above error for us.


              Solution: Remove the autogenerated part @author da25 and the XBean will not be so upset anymore.