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    ESB 4.0: How to route OSGi calls?

    Juan Francisco Valdés Gayo Newbie

      I'm reviewing EIP osgi documentation and camel-osgi example and I have one doubt.


      I want to develop one bundle that orchestrates request calling services from other bundles, and I would like to intercept those calls with camel, it is posible?


      I think it's not so easy, and possibly I will have to register an endpoint for my service in NMR, but, If I do so, have i to expose the service to remote calls? (with cxf or jms bc), I don't want so.


      I saw there is a destination endpoint called log:ExampleRouter in camel-osgi example that references Commons logging Bundle. It seems that is what I nedd, ¿how can i do that for my bundles?


      Thanks In Advance,