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    Some Questions to dynamical Routing with beanRef and pop3-messages

    Andreas Braumann Newbie

      Hello again,


      I have several problems with dynamicaly routing of messages.

      For better comprehensive: The master-goal should be, that I am able to route messages from different startqueue to different endqueue depending on a (custom) config-file which declares the routes (and which can be at best loaded/changed at runtime).

      Simple routes will be declared in the XML config file, but there are also messages whose body have to be regex-parsed which is done by a java-bean (with @RecipientList Annotation).


      Now to my problem(s):

      At first I'd like to know if it's possible to declare a "beanRef" in the xml-config file?


      Then if it's possible to call the method in beanRef with a custom parameter?

      i.e. something like: from("activemq:from1").beanRef("routerBean", "route(myparam)");


      And at last a question to pop3-messages. These messages seem to be injected without any body. The header is there, but no body of the mail... Is there any other method to access the (mail)body?


      Thanks in advance