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    Corba binding

    Davide Gesino Newbie



      Is there a open source jbi 2 corba binding component?

      I tried jbi4corba 0.5 but does not seem to work well with Fuse ESB.

      I know CXF/FUSE Services Framework for 2.1 branch versions have integrated Yoko, and Corba binding is supported nicely.

      Anyway in SMIX / Fuse ESB 3.4 release this feature seems to be missing.

      Is it going to be considered in future releases?

      Is there a IONA commercial corba binding component ?





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          Martin Murphy Novice

          We haven't tried adding any CORBA binding component into FUSE ESB. I know there has been some discussion on the servicemix-users mailing list about this. I notice that someone has also created an enhancement recently at Apache. If you want you could try and use Yoko today and add your experiences as comments to this issue. I would recommend that you watch this issue.


          With respect to a commercial version of the binding component, there isn't a JBI binding component, however you could use Artix to route from a CORBA endpoint to a SOAP/HTTP endpoint in a CXF BC fairly seamlessly. Artix uses Orbix under the hood for the CORBA transport.