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    camel-hibernate help required

    Gerhard van Staden Newbie

      Good day.


      I'm trying to get a hibernate consumer working (using a database table as a queue), but I'm running out of ideas.


      I couldn't find any documentation on the subject (apart from the introduction on apache's site that doesn't tell you much)


      1. I've created a hibernate mapping file (hibernate-cfg.xml)

      2. Ive created an entity pojo (Person.java)

      3. I've created a mapping file (Person.hbm.xml)

      4. I've created a source destination for my camel route  (hibernate:Person)

      5. I've added camel-hibernate as a dependency

      6. I've even copied camel-hibernate into the Fuse-ESB classpath


      But, I'm still getting this:

      Exception in thread "SpringOsgiExtenderThread-87" org.apache.camel.NoSuchEndpointException: No endpoint could be found for: hibernate:Person, please check your classpath contains the needed camel component jar.


      Any ideas?

      I'm running standard Fuse-esb-4