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    Where o' where do your bundles be?

    jason evans Newbie

      Im looking for the geronimo-servlet OSGI'd jar that ships with fuse-4102 in maven. The maven repo at:




      matches up somewhat nicely with the fuse system folder:




      but is just lacking in some of the osgi'd bundles.


      Where o' where can I find these missing jars?

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          Joe Luo Novice

          The http://repo.fusesource.com repository won't have geronimo-servlet OSGI'd jars. It only contains Fuse product suits and related sub projects. The "fuse-esb-\system\" directory contains all necessary libraries for starting up Fuse ESB without needs to pull in jars from remote repositories. Therefore, you will probably find "fuse-esb-\system\org\apache\geronimo\specs\geronimo-servlet_2.5_spec" jar only.


          You might want to look at remote maven repositories listed in "fuse-esb-\etc\org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg" file "org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.repositories" variable in order to find all geronimo jars.