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    FUSE Job Opportunity

    Shawn Howell Newbie

      Hey guys, I won't spam or anything, but I have an opportunity for someone with hands on FUSE experience that understands how to configure and use the product in a real time systems environment.  Interfacing with the SW development team, they are struggling with configuring the product to perform the application functions (e.g. OSGI, Spring Framework).


      FUSE ESB 4

      FUSH Message Broker

      FUSE Services Framework

      FUSE Mediation Router


      This could be either short term or could catch on to very long term (years).  Please let me know when you will have a few minutes to discuss further.

      Work is in the DC area - excellent pay - large scale government contracting - citizenship required - opportunity to obtain a security clearance.



      Please let me know if you know of anyone:


      Shawn Howell - Recruiter

      Edge Professional Svcs

      301.541.7643 google voice


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