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    FUSE ESB 4.2: Problem re-deploying cxf boundles.

    Antonio Marin Cerezuela Newbie



      I'm developing a cxf-jaxrs service and when i try to redeploy it the cxf context/environment looks to have some problem as it is not working appropriate, or maybe I'm doing the things in a wrong way.


      For example, compiling the cxf-jaxrs example in the examples/ directory, copying to /deploy and accessing to http://localhost:8181/cxf/ shows the WADL on

      WADL : http://localhost:8181/cxf/crm?_wadl&type=xml

      removing the file from /deploy makes it dissapear, as expected, but copying again makes it to be in a wrong address:

      WADL : /crm?_wadl&type=xml

      and the service is not working.


      If I do the same from the console installing the example feature

      features:install examples-cxf-jaxrs, uninstalling and reinstalling everything goes fine.


      Another way to make it work is by restarting the Pax Web runtime manually

      OPS4J Pax Web - Runtime (0.7.2)

      osgi:restart 105


      Any help?