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    OSGi Web Service needing to invoke EJB hosted in a separate JVM ?

    ranthy reddy Newbie

      I am currently using release.


      Need suggestions/guidance in regard to having this out-of-the-box sample support a call out (both sync and async) to EJB service hosted

      inside weblogic server.


      1. My initial thoughts are,  write to camel interface and place the EJB client jars in SMX container and have this WS call this camel service which in turn is configured to route this call to EJB service endpoint. This offers loose coupling and not tied to this EJB interface. This also incurs another level of marshalling or transforming messge format, I guess.


      2. I welcome any ideas to tackle this without having to add more overhead.


      Any documentation on FUSE site related to this will be helpful to me.