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    org.jbpm.test not resolved in jBPM 6.1.0 project

    Mahmood Ahmad Newbie



      I have recently downloaded jBPM 6.1.0 with Eclipse Kepler DR2 with full installation on 64-bit Windows 8.1 machine having java 8 installed. I have BPMN2 Modeler installed as well.


      Starting with a new jBPM sample project, I cam across an issue which I could not resolve in the code. The program is a simple process unit test routine. On one import line in code indicates: 'could not resolve org.jbpm.test'


      I guess its the issue of one of the .jar files missing. However, I can't locate it on my installation folders any where. Could this be my Windows -> Preference problem in Eclipse or some of the libraries not downloaded or unzipped?


      Any ideas?