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    jms synchronous proxied response

    Mark Lybarger Apprentice

      I currently have a jms request/reply working as a synchronous call.  my flow looks like this:

      2014-10-14 16_12_49-JBoss - switchyard-quickstart-jca-outbound-activemq_src_main_resources_META-INF_.png

      EchoClientService is jax-rs service, EchoClientService has a reference to the EchoReference which uses jms request/replyto to send to queue/Echo.in and get a response from queue/Echo.out.


      EchoService and EchoServiceBean listens on queue/Echo.in and responds with a lower case string.

      2014-10-14 16_16_07-JBoss - switchyard-quickstart-jca-outbound-activemq_src_main_java_org_switchyard.png

      My problem is that I need to insert a proxy in between the EchoService and the EchoClientService such that the flow is:

      2014-10-14 16_17_36-CMB-MM-MWLS - Microsoft Word.png

      I've been less than successful with this.  What happens is the application hangs when EchoProxyService tries to send to Echo.proxy.in. Any thoughts or insights would be most appreciated.