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    Jars Source Code

    Jean Baldessar Newbie

      I'm using Jboss AS 4.2.3 and I can not find the source of some jars of the server like the JBOSS_HOME/client/jboss-ejb-client.jar

      is there a way to download all the jars sources of the Jboss AS 4.2.3?

      I would be very usefull to debug my application

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          Peter Johnson Master

          One way to get the sources is to download the JBoss AS source and then build it. One of the first things done by the build is to download all of the external libraries into the thirdparty directory. For the libraries other JBoss projects the build usually also downloads a source JAR file. Juts unpack the source JAR.

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            Peter Johnson Master

            I was looking at the 5.x source when I replied (I don't seem to have a 4.2.3 source build on this system), so I figured I better verify this for 4.2.3. On that release, the EJB3 sources are in the JBoss AS source download in the ejb3 directory.