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    ejbStore() not called after BMP update via Business Method

    Torsten Löhr Newbie

      Hello everybody,

      I have a problem with a bmp entity bean (it is my first one ;-).

      It's viewtype is local, so it is accessed by a StatelessSession Bean. The access to the various datafields (get/set) of the entity bean is encapsulated via some getter and setter methods of the SLB.

      Unfortunately whenever an attribut ist changed (via a specific set method). The change is visible in the application, but it is not written to the database. I put a System.out.println("something") in the ejbStore() method, but it seems that it is never called. When the application is restartet (redeployed) the change is gone.

      What am I doing wrong here ? Please help, I've run out of ideas....