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    Changing JBPM 6.2 persistence to a non relational database (target: mongodb)

    kr0hm Newbie

      Hi Everyone,


      I've performed quite a few tests with JBPM 6.2 (with an oracle XE database) and I'm currently trying to go a bit further and change the persistence engine to mongodb, with the following benefits in mind:

      • mongodb is already the main db engine for some of our clients
      • mongodb document oriented logic seems a sensible choice given the data we plan to use for the processing. (json structure is perfectly adapted for us)
      • this seems a good compromise between two of our business requirements:
        • all the fields need to be accessible for external querying.
        • we don't want to go through the pain of maintaining a db structure per process just to have these fields accessible for querying.


      I've read some JBPM documentation, and changing the db engine to a no SQL database (so without using JPA) seems neither straight forward nor easy. Before spending a lot of time in this, I'd like the input of people that know JBPM better than I do to make sure I'm not going to waste my time. The main questions I currently have are as follow:

      1. Has JBPM/mongodb integration been done already ?
      2. If it hasn't, why ? Is it because of the difficulty ? Because it is a stupid thing to do ? Because no-one ever needed it before ?
      3. Are there documentation describing what need to be done to achieve this ?