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    Circular depencies in modules and application

    Alexander Hartner Expert

      We have an application which also includes it's own API interface and default implementation. It also allows for the provision of custom code via the modules mechanism to allow for custom implementations of the specified API interfaces.


      We declared a dependency to a module in the deployment-structure descriptor. What typically would happen when a custom implementation is required is that a change to the modules.xml file is made declaring a new JAR file.


      Our problem is that in some cases the custom code needs to refer back to the application code, however this does not seem to be possible.


      Application -(is dependent on)-> Module with custome implementation


      Module with custome implementation -(also requires classes from)-> Application


      It may be possible to solve this by removing the API interface from the applicaiton and declare a separate module for it. However this would means making extensive changes to our applicaiton.


      My questions is if there is another solution to this. Can we declare a module depencies in both direction.


      We are using JBEAP 6.3