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    Two persistence units in one EJB3 App

    Konstantin Ermakov Newbie


      I have two persistence units in my application - one is Oracle and one in HSQL. For the Oracle datasource all the tables are already created, so I use the mapping in my Entity beans. In Hypersonic DB I want to store some additional information, But as it is "In-Memory" I am using the configuration property hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto value="create-drop".

      The idea is to use the oracle database to store the data and HSQL DB to store some runtime data, so I have the tables A,B,C in Oracle, and table D in HSQL.

      And, all the entity beans that are configured for the Oracle database are immediately created in the HSQL database as well.

      Are there any possibilities to configure the persistence unit the way, that only table D is generated?

      Thank you.