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    JBoss EAP 6.3 custom JMS resource adapter issue

    Ligish George Newbie

      Hi Team,

      I have configured JBoss 6.3 with a custom JMS resource adapter and deployed an MDB project. The MDB project has jboss-deployment-structure.xml file which loads a jboss custom module.

      There is a custom JMS jar which is included in both resource adapter .rar and the custom module, and this jar helps to register the MDB as a service endpoint.

      The MDB listener is capable of sending the response back to the destination queue.

      The issue is, when the MDB sends the reply back to the queue, it throws an exception due to destination type mismatch. If I try to cast it to the expected type, it throws ContinuationQueue cannot be cast to the custom ContinuationQueue exception. What I observed is that, the jar file which is included in the custom module is also loaded (module loader) from resource adapter .rar file. I had to include this jar in the custom module because the deployment of MDB was failing without it. It looks like, because of the ambiguous nature of class loading (loading the same jar from resource adapter and custom module), these exceptions getting thrown. I tried removing the jar from resource adapter and deployed the MDB, but the service did not get registered.

      Could anyone please provide some inputs to help resolve this issue? Thank you.