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    Jboss CMP does not reflect Database

    Daniel Castro Newbie


      I am having some issues with jboss CMP feature.

      When I first started developing my aplicacion I inserted some data in the DB to test the aplication, adter some development time I hace started to see that the state of the DB is not the same as the jboss CMP state, I know that some tables ARE suppoosed to be different, but some that that was supposed to be erased appeared again. I have tryed to fush the cache from Jboss without much sucess.
      To better ilustrate this point I am displaying a select from jboss:

      AbogadoUserName Admision Id NumeroRadicacion
       7 32423423432
       org.invias.VO.AdmisionAdministrativoVO@1430f3 13
       org.invias.VO.AdmisionAdministrativoVO@199abd1 14
       org.invias.VO.AdmisionAdministrativoVO@1df43e2 10
       org.invias.VO.AdmisionAdministrativoVO@e1b6ac 11

      The field AbogadoUserName is supposed to be a FK field, yet it is null.

      Any idea, how can I restart the CMP engine in jboss?

      Thanks for the help