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    JBossWS property based bean creation

    Bob Short Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am currently trying to migrate an application across to using the features provided by Wildfly 9 (specifically 9.0.1). Taking heed of the warnings given about the deprecation of Spring-based configuration for WS endpoints during startup I am trying to translate some existing configuration done via jbossws-cxf.xml across to jboss-webservices.xml / pre-defined endpoint configurations (via @EndpointConfig).


      The problem at the moment is that I have a series of interceptors that have a variety of properties (some nested to several levels) that were being set up using the old bean-style configuration, having translated them to the new property-driven bean creation syntax as described here (Apache CXF integration - JBoss Web Services - Project Documentation Editor) I simply can not get it to work.


      The interceptors themselves are initialised but none of their properties are being set. Have I missed something silly? Has anyone else had success with this?

      I am about to start trying to dig into the Wildfly source itself and have a rummage around but want to see if there is something I have missed first, any help would be most appreciated!


      For example:


        <config-name>My Endpoint Config</config-name>


      results in the endpoint being setup, the interceptors being created - but testInterceptor never has setSomething() or setMyTestBean() called.


      Again, any help would be awesome!