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    where to put ehcache in 4.0.5.GA now that its in lib dir

    khelenek Newbie

      Hi, i just upgraded to 4.0.5.GA with ejb3 support, and I deployed my ear file with ehcache.xml in the ear root. However i get the error that ehcache.xml is not found and that it is defaulting to /server/default/lib/ehcache-1.2.jar/ehcache-failsafe.xml.

      So it looks like ehcache is now bundled with jboss, and so the classloader that loads it is above the classloader of the ear and will not find xml configurations inside the ear? Is there somewhere else I can put my ehcache.xml file that it will find it? Does jboss need ehcache for something or can i remove it from the lib directory?