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    I have no .rar files anywhere...

    Marco Ardito Master

      Trying to get a solid understanding of the platform as a whole, I'm reading all guides.

      In the current admin guide

      Deploying VDB Dependencies - Teiid 8.13 - Project Documentation Editor

      or even in teiid-documents/Deploying_VDB_Dependencies.adoc at master · teiid/teiid-documents · GitHub

      I read

      <<With the exception of JDBC sources, other supported data sources have a corresponding JCA connector (.rar) files in "<jboss-install>/standalone/deployments"" directory.>>


      But my teiid server has none... (and I didn't delete them...)? In fact, that folder is completely empty!

      and I can't find any .rar in the whole server folders structure...


      although if I follow the guide, and issue this command in the jboss-cli environment




      I get many info about this resource adapter type, starting with


          "outcome" => "success",

          "result" => [

              {"resourceadapter-class" => {

                  "type" => STRING,

                  "display" => "resourceadapter-class",

                  "read-only" => "true",

                  "advanced" => "true",

                  "default" => "org.teiid.resource.adapter.accumulo.AccumuloResourceAdapter"




      Did I miss something, or is this just some old doc?