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    Custom typed global / variable nullifies from one node to the other

    Jose Miguel Loor Apprentice


      I am experiencing a strange behavior in jbpm 6.3.

      I have a business process which has a custom data type (com.test.Data) and in the process there is a global for that data type (mydata:com.test.Data); in the business process, the first node is a script task that does this


      mydata = new com.test.Data();

      mydata.setSomeValue("some value");


      after that node there is another script task node that does this




      but this prints null in the server console; why is this global null ? shouldn't it keep the value assigned in the first node throughout the whole process instance execution ?

      The globals / variables which has common datatypes (String, Boolean, Integer, etc) retain their values correctly but the mydata global is null in the subsequent nodes


      Please help