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    Improving WildFly boot time

    ansur Newbie

      At my company, we're delivering a WildFly 10.1.0.Final along with close to 60 deployments. Each one is self-contained, and as such quite large.

      As you can imagine, this has a severe influence on the startup time of the application server, so I've started looking into ways to improve this.

      I assume that a large part of the boot time goes scanning the content of the different deployments, to find EJBs, MDBs and so on.

      I've also seen Jandex is being used, and that there is support for pre-generated jandex.idx files.


      However, having created a jandex.idx for each and every jar within our WARs, I don't really notice an improvement in startup, even though I see in the code that these files are somehow used.

      Can all this discovery at startup be skipped in favour of pre-generated jandex files? Or am I misunderstanding the usage of it?

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          Tomaz Cerar Master

          If pregenerated janex index is found, it is used.


          But unless you have extremely big jars and lots of classes this shouldn't change boot time in any big way.


          I would look in different parts of your deployments, like jpa / hibernate schema validation / updating which really slows down the boot.


          Best to profile with some java profiler like yourkit or jprofiler to see what parts of code take most time.

          Once you have that, we can help you understanding what those results mean in context of what to do with your deployments.