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    Automatically Promoting a Backup Domain Controller

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      We have setup a dockerized WildFly-Teiid cluster with two nodes in domain mode, where one node functions as the domain controller and the other node as the host controller. ( WildFly 10.0.0 and Teiid 9.2.2). This question is related to the discussion here. Design notes for automatic promotion of a "backup" DC to master


      We need to make sure the domain controller doesn't become a single point of failure.We are looking for a better approach than manually promoting a backup domain controller as the main domain controller  as mentioned here (1.7. About Domain Controller Discovery and Failover ). I would appreciate it if you could explain if this automatic promotion has already being implemented and if not what are the other possible approaches to automate the promotion of a backup domain controller as the main domain controller if the main domain controller fails.


      Thank you.