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    Wildfly 10 auto-redeploys on JSF page load

    john smith Newbie



      We have an old app with icefaces 1.8 on jboss5 we're trying to migrate to icefaces 3.3 on wildfly 10.1. It can start up and run a very simple .xhtml test file. But when I try one of my main pages (spring backed beans behind icefaces) it will paint the page then redeploy every time which of course logs me out, breaks the page, and all that.


      Does anyone have ideas on how to find out why wildfly keeps redeploying the app? The lines below are all I see logged when I load the xhtml file:



      2017-09-19 09:02:57,680 INFO [com.handsonsecurity.accessaudit.persistence.UserManagerDAOJdbc] (default task-7) Successfully set database variables

      2017-09-19 09:03:07,016 INFO [org.icepush.servlet.MainServlet] (default task-21)

      ICEsoft Technologies Inc.

      ICEpush 3.3.0

      Build number: 11

      Revision: 34423


      2017-09-19 09:03:11,790 INFO [org.jboss.as.connector.deployers.jdbc] (MSC service thread 1-2) WFLYJCA0019: Stopped Driver service with driver-name = aa.war_com.mysql.jdbc.Driver_5_1

      2017-09-19 09:03:11,804 INFO [org.wildfly.extension.undertow] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 113) WFLYUT0022: Unregistered web context: /aa

      2017-09-19 09:03:11,817 INFO [io.undertow.servlet] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 113) Destroying Spring FrameworkServlet 'aa'

      and so on.


      If I use a very basic jsf file with nothing but ice:outputText it will work fine. It's just when I get the spring bean and full app stuff that wildfly restarts/redeploys and I can't see any reasoning. Any ideas what to look for?


      This is in the process of being converted, so I'm sure we have some old legacy incompatibilities around. But we're trying to convert now and not see any obvious errors.


      Thank you!