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    Dynamic VDB view model and source model column names mismatch

    Aditi Patel Newbie



      We have created a dynamic vdb with 2 sybase source models and 1 view model. For view model, below is the ddl:


      <model name="DC" type="VIRTUAL">

      <property name="imports" value="SrcModel_1"/>

              <property name="imports" value="SrcModel_2"/>

      <property name="widenUnsignedTypes" value="true" />

              <metadata type="DDL"><![CDATA[


      DATE_ID date,

      YEAR_ID short,

      MONTH_ID short,

      DAY_ID short,

      WEEK_ID short,

      WEEKDAY_ID short,

      BUSINESSDAY short)


      SELECT * FROM "SrcModel_1"."DIM_DATE"


      SELECT * FROM "SrcModel_2"."DIM_DATE";








      Here, the sequence of columns fetched from "SrcModel_1"."DIM_DATE" is different then "SrcModel_2"."DIM_DATE". Due to this behaviour, the columns in view model are expecting different datatypes.

      Further this leads to improper data loaded in the view model of vdb.



      Is there any way to get the column names and datatypes in same sequence for both the source models and view model as well?