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    How to change oracle schema on run time in createResultSetExecution override method.

    Kamran Muhammad Newbie

      Hi Everyone ,

      I am writing a translator  to an orcalce db. How can i change the QueryExpression command object schema.

      i have a query some thing like below coming up there.

      Select g_0.id from "Schema_1"."Table1" as g_0;

      and need to change schema to "Schema_New" so that query runs on a different schema. every thing else is same.

      Select "g_0"."id" from "Schema_New"."Table1" as g_0;

      i need to change it to a different oracle schema on run time (DB , user, table structure every thing same. ) so that query exectues on "Schema_new"."Table1". Both schemas have same table strucuture .

      Thanks in Advance for an excellent community.