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    Book on Cloud Development with WildFly

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      Hands-On Cloud Development with WildFly


      This book “Hands-On Cloud Development with WildFly” by Tomasz Adamski (Mar 2018) helps you create microservices using Java EE technologies with WildFly Swarm, deploy them in the OpenShift cloud, make them resilient to network failures using Hystrix, configure continuous integration using Jenkins, and security using Keycloak.


      What You Will Learn:


      1. Utilize Java EE technology to develop modern cloud-enabled applications


      2. Easily create microservices with WildFly Swarm using proven Java EE technologies


      3. See the benefits of OpenShift – easy deployment of your services, out of the box scalability and healing, and integration with Continuous Integration tools


      4. Integrate the sample application with Jenkins’ Continuous Integration server


      5. Utilize Hystrix to provide resilience to your application


      6. Provide security for your application using Keycloak


      Author Bio: Tomasz Adamski


      Tomasz Adamski is a software engineer at RedHat working on WildFly/JBoss EAP application server.