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    Need help onKeycloak  configuration with wildfly  Instances | SSO |IDP |SP

    Lilly rose Novice



      We are trying to configure Single sign on , Identity provider , service provider  on a wildfly 11final   non -prod env which has  3 standalone instances .


      We have  one wildfly server host nlm0001  and in it we have  3 standlaone instances( With different Management consoles)  running  on the  same host nlm00001.


      I have installed  keycloak 4.0.0. beta 3 on nlm00001 .


      1st doubt :


      1)do I have to  build keycloak  as a saparate  host  instead of  installing on same  host  nlm00001


      2) do I have  to configure and anything related  to  existing 3 wildfly instances  of nlm0001  in keycloak admin console ?