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    Unknown operation: touch


      Hello community,


      The Infinispan Server has an incomplete memcache protocol implementation.

      I already submitted a bug for this but it seems that nobody cares:


      [ISPN-10275] Incomplete memcache protocol implementation - Unknown operation: touch - JBoss Issue Tracker


      I tried to fix it by myself and make a pull request but I was unable to compile the Infinispan Server project.

      I got various compilation errors and java version related exceptions (dependencies and submodules require different java versions?!?!?) and after 2 hours of trying to get it to compile I just gave up fixing this mess ... if I can't clone the repo and immediately run it without problems its obviously a badly managed maven project tbh.


      So may I ask you, the community, to help me with this issue?

      Or at least help me to get the project to compile ...


      Thank you in advance and Best Regards,