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    Error in connecting to EJB

    Raj Kumar Newbie

      I am trying to test simple ejb example of apache soap, in

      I am getting the following error:
      $java samples.ejb.ejbtest http://localhost:8080/soap/servlet/rpcrouter
      Ouch, the call failed:
      Fault Code = SOAP-ENV:Server
      Fault String = Error in connecting to EJB

      and The JBoss shows:
      [ERROR,Default] =============================================
      [ERROR,Default] In TemplateProvider.locate()
      [ERROR,Default] URI: urn:testprovider
      [ERROR,Default] DD.ServiceClass: org.apache.soap.providers.StatelessEJBProvider
      [ERROR,Default] DD.ProviderClass: samples/HelloService
      [ERROR,Default] Call.MethodName: hello
      [INFO,Default] Exception caught: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: samples not bound

      I copied the hellobean.jar to ...jboss/lib/ext/ and ...catalina/lib/ and getting the same error. When I try to include the hellobean.jar in JBOSS_CLASSPATH in run.sh, I get deployment error.

      desparately need a solution to this.