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    about com-bridge

    IPOz Newbie

      Recently i evaluated sun's com-bridge which will be used to
      access EJB from windows.The com-bridge has supplied enterprise service dll for the following ejb container:
      .Planets IAS 6.0
      .Sun Microsystems J2EE 1.2.1+ RI
      .SilverStream 3.7
      .Weblogic 5.1,Weblogic 6.0
      .WebSphere 3.5

      but there is no such a dll for JBoss.Of course it is NOT very
      difficult for use to write one however we still want to know whether there already is any.

      Any suggestion is appreciated!

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          IPOz Newbie

          By searching this forum,i get the the service dll from http://laurent.etiemble.free.fr/combridge/.
          In order to test it i have deployed a session bean named BankBean.Now i can get the home in delphi however i always can NOT create the sessin bean - java.lang.IllegalAccessExceptio.
          //*************** codesnippet ***************
          procedure TForm1.ejbClick(Sender: TObject);
          home : com_kf_ejb_interfaces_BankHome;
          bean : com_kf_ejb_interfaces_Bank;
          JvmControl1.Classpath := 'd:\allen\jboss\client\jnp-client.jar;' +
          'd:\allen\jboss\client\jboss-client.jar;' +
          'd:\allen\jboss\client\jboss-j2ee.jar;' +
          'd:\allen\jboss\client\jaas.jar;' +
          'd:\allen\jboss\client\jbosssx-client.jar;' +
          'd:\allen\cas\test\stub\bank.jar' ;
          JBossServices1.ProviderURL := 'jnp://';

          home := com_kf_ejb_interfaces_BankHome(
          showMessage('Found bank home'); <====ok

          bean := com_kf_ejb_interfaces_Bank(home.create()); <=== raise exception here.
          showMessage('Created Bank');


          please shed light on me !

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            IPOz Newbie

            Why arenot there any sunshine ?

            Any suggestion is appreciated!

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              IPOz Newbie

              com-bridge is not a good product and it progresses slowly :(

              Up to now i cannot use it to call ejb on jboss.Moreover i even can not use it to call local class of my own !!!
              Here is a simple class named BankClient:

              package com.kf.ejb.test;

              public class BankClient
              public static String getXml()
              String xml = "Welcome you,dear CAS :)";
              return xml;
              it will be jared into bank.jar.

              procedure TForm1.staticMethodClick(Sender: TObject);
              SystemStatics,bank : OleVariant;
              JvmControl1.Classpath :=
              'd:\allen\myProject\cas\ejb\build\bank.jar' ;


              SystemStatics := JavaServices1.GetJavaStaticsFor('java.lang.System');
              showMessage(SystemStatics.currentTimeMillis); <===good

              bank := JavaServices1.GetJavaStaticsFor('com.kf.ejb.test.BankClient');
              showMessage(bank.getXml()); <= raise error:"Unsupported type : cannot convert to Jobject : VT_ERROR"

              I am so disappointed about com-bridge :(