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    using xdoclet to inherit from entity beans

    brian smith Newbie

      I am using xdoclet 1.1.2 and jboss 3.0 rc2. I have an entity bean "B" that inherits from another bean "A". It builds but fails on deployment. I'm given messages in the log that basically states that the findByPrimaryKey method siginature for Bean B doesn't match was is being return. My question is, this finder method should be inherited from Bean A, correct? I speculate my xdoclet tags are not building correctly. The tags in question I think are these:

      * @ejb:interface
      * extends="ABCRemote"
      * local-extends="ABCLocal"
      * @ejb:home
      * extends="ABCHome"
      * local-extends="LocalABCHome"

      Any ideas or suggestion would be great.