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    RMI/IIOP + Jacorb

    Eoin Newbie


      I am trying to use the Jacorb Naming Service in JBoss to register a remote RMI interface outside JBoss and have it invoked over RMI/IIOP. I can resolve the InitialContext using the Jacorb IOR, but when I try to bind the remote object, I receive a CORBA.NO_IMPLEMENT exception.

      This is due to the method ORB.connect being called in order to connect the remote stub to the ORB, but that method is not implemented in Jacorb.

      This works fine using the Sun Transient Naming Service and the Sun ORB in JDK 1.3.1, but I'd like to avoid using that. I'm sure this procedure must be done internally in JBoss for RMI/IIOP beans, so I must be missing something!

      I'd appreciate any help.