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    collection return on finder does not match cmp-field

    Steve Stallion Newbie

      i have a entity named Location which contains a cmp-field named 'description' (maps to a String)

      defined in said entity, is a custom finder 'findAllDescriptions(Integer pk)' with the ejbql defined as:

      SELECT l.description FROM Location AS l

      -- as expected it returns a collection

      what i did not expect however is that the objects referenced by the collection are not String classes but proxy classes. calling a .toString() on these objects returns output similar to:

      local/Location:String data held in description field

      am i incorrect is assuming that jboss will return a collection based on the class used by the cmp-field or is this a bug?

      dev env:
      jboss 3.0.6
      mssql 2k

      thanks in advance!