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    EJB with third party jar utility.

    mikebaroukh Newbie

      Hi all.

      I'm trying to deploy an EJB with JBoss.
      I use xDoclet and ant to do the stuff and all is fine.

      My EJb has a method that use Hibernate.
      I put the hibernate jar in server/default/lib.

      When my Ejb try to initialise hibernate, it provides it a url to a resource, contained in my jar, containing all hibernate mappings.

      this resource is accessible from my jar with getClass().geResourceAsStream("/mappings.jar").

      But, here is my problem : Hibernate can't access to it.

      I can't find out why JBoss' s UnifiedClassLoader hide this resource to Hibernate. Therefore, with all I read on it, it should not ...

      I tried to put hibernate.jar in server/default/deploy, but I think it's worth because it seems that server/default/lib and server/default/deploy are shared the same way.
      I initially putted the hibernate.jar in jboss/lib, but I think that thoses libraries are not shared by UnifiedClassLoader.

      Another solution would be to deploy hibernate inside my ejb's jar. But I can't figure out how to do this. I'm looking to EAR but every sample I find are using war's inside and 1 EJB.

      Does anybody have any idea on how I could do ?
      Where is my mystake on UnifiedClassLoader ?

      Thanks in advance for any help.