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    How to deploy multiple instance of the same application

    Andrea Vettori Newbie


      I must deploy to the same application server two (and possibly more in the future) instance of the same EJB application composed by some EJB and a struts web application on the server side and a Swing GUI on the client side.

      The various instances must point to different databases (with the same table structure).

      It is easy to change the datasource used by CMP but what about JNDI names used on the client and on the struts app.?

      For intra-EJB calls there must be no problem because local references via java:/comp has local visibility but remote clients uses "public" JNDI names.

      So what is the best way to distinguish remote access between the instances ? Maybe some "instance" JNDI prefix ?
      I'm using JBoss 3.2.2RC2

      Thank you